Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Team

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Robert Posner

Robert Posner, M.D., President and CEO

Laura Balda

Laura Balda, M.D., Medical Director and COO


Donna Eckenrode, Director of Clinical Training

Donna Eckenrode is the Serotonin-Plus USA Director of Clinical Training. After graduating from Saint Francis University in 2003 with a Master’s degree in physician assistant sciences, she worked as a physician assistant at a family practice in Reston, Virginia. She then changed her focus to neurology. As part of one of the largest neurology practices in northern Virginia, she cared for patients with multiple neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, seizures and neuropathy.

Following the birth of her daughter, she took a position with Dr. Robert Posner at Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss, where she has enjoyed working for the past year. Working at Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss has afforded her the opportunity to integrate her lifelong interest in fitness and nutrition with her professional role as a physician’s assistant.

Angela Melton, Director of Clinical Support and Nurse Manager

Angela Melton, RN, MS, ND trains and supports clinical staff for Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Centers around the country. She is also the Nurse Manager for the flagship Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Center and Potomac Internal Medicine. She has over 35 years of experience as a registered nurse and has performed in several urgent health care roles, including emergency room, medical/surgical ward, dialysis clinic, and as Director of Nursing for a home health company. When she obtained her Master’s degree in Community Health Education, however, her career moved to a far more public setting. In 2002 she added a key certification to her already impressive credentials, that of nurse massage therapist, dramatically expanding her personal array of healing tools. As head therapist and owner of her own therapeutic massage company, she became convinced that wellness and health prevention are where the future of medicine must go. That vision was drawn within reach when she was awarded her doctorate degree in Naturopathy.

Kelley O’Driscoll, National Marketing Director

Kelley O’Driscoll is our National Marketing Director.  She attended graduate school at the University of Florida where she studied preventative health and health behavior.  After college, she went on to teaching health education in the Palm Beach County School System.    Alongside teaching, Kelley started working independently  as a health coach to teach clients how to improve their health behaviors.  Kelley is also a sports and fitness enthusiast.   She was an NCAA Cross Country and Track and Field athlete, and  is now a competitive marathoner and triathlete.   In addition to competing, she loves coaching new runners in hope that they develop a passion for a healthy lifestyle.  In 2010, Kelley joined the Serotonin-Plus team, which has given her the opportunity to make a greater impact on the obesity epidemic.   She has a strong passion for helping people improve their health behaviors so that they lose weight and live healthier lives.